I stole software from Adobe and did not really care

When I was 12 years old I bought my first camera, which was a Nikon Coolpix L16 with a stunning 7.1 MP and a rather bad quality (that was 10 years ago). With the new camera came the urge to edit these masterpieces of mine on the computer. So, I got a free version of Photoshop Elements, and soon I was able to dye my hair pink and color the eyes of my cat in a terrifying green (the rest of the picture in B/W of course, long live color key!). After a 30-days trial I had to get a new software because back then even PS Elements was too expensive for me. I downloaded Gimp, a free editing software, and the next few years I used nothing else. I loved Gimp. It was perfect for a beginner like me, but it also had a lot of advanced tools, and gave me all the possibilities I needed.
However, I always longed for the real Photoshop. In all the awesome editing groups there were those that used Photoshop and their pictures always looked a bit better (as soon as they told me that they used Photoshop of course). In 2013 I bought a new notebook, and I got a cracked version of Photoshop on it. So, the last five years I have been using this illegal version and I have made endless amounts of pieces with it, and I love the software. I never really thought about the fact that I was actually stealing from the company that had made this software, and that I was actually in a way endangering the jobs of those who developed the program. I know a lot of people who use an illegal version of Photoshop, even professionals, and it kind of makes me angry that we do that without any problem at all. We would not go into the supermarket and steal something worth 150€, but we steal software that is worth the same amount, just because it is a software and nothing physical. It is just numbers on a computer that create an interface we can use to edit other numbers and digits, but it is actually worth something, and someone put a lot of effort into creating it. I guess every photographer would be enraged to see someone stole their pictures, but why do we use stolen software then? (Of course there will be some readers out there who cannot relate to this because they have always paid for it. You are doing it right).

I started thinking about this when a famous photographer made a post similar to this about how he had stolen Photoshop, and when I first read it, I immediately thought: "I need to change it now!". I did not.

However, some days ago I saw how little it actually costs to have Photoshop and Lightroom on your computer. It is 11,89€ per month. Which is 142,68€ per year.

I will now come with a list of things that cost about the same (in Germany):

Netflix costs 10,99€ per month for a standard account. 
7 ltr Coca Cola costs approximately 11,90€, which is about 250 ml per day (one glass) 
2 basic t-shirts cost about 13,50€ in H&M. 
1 kg basic ground coffee in a mediocre quality (about 12€) 

So, why not delete that old stolen software and sign up for Adobe CC and get the newest software with regular updates and support? You can do it here (German website).

I need to add here that this is no advertisement. I really do this only because I know that a lot of people do this and do not think about it. Adobe has nothing to do with me writing this.

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  1. Ich habe mich auch letztes Jahr endlich mal dazu überwunden, die Creative Cloud zu abonnieren. Und jetzt ist alles gut, ich kriege brav immer neue Updates & das ist doch viel besser, als die ganze Zeit Schiss zu haben, dass einem jemand auf die Schliche kommt :D

  2. Ich habe einige Jahre LR4 genutzt, bin dan aber aus verschiedenen Gründen auf eine Freeware umgestiegen. Aus Überzeugung präferiere ich Open-Source und Freeware-Produkte, wenn sie vergleichbare Leistungen bieten.
    Sehr ans Herz legen kann ich dir da Darktable: http://jakob-thoboell.de/wordpress/2017/02/darktable-statt-lightroom/

    Liebe Grüße aus dem hohen Norden


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