Bispehaven Aarhus - analog

Analog Photography has fascinated me for some years now, and most of what I know today about the basics of Photography, I learned with my old Pentax ME super and a 50mm prime lens. Last year I bought another lens for this camera, a 135 mm lens, and now I finally got the time to capture some things with this setup as well. The things that fascinate me the most about analog pictures, is the crispness of the colors and the contrast. I used a Kodak Gold 200 film for these pictures, and I have to admit that I love them. I live in a part of Aarhus that is called Bispehaven ("Bishop's Garden) and it is one of the areas with the highest amount of immigrants and refugees. The crime rate is high compared to other parts of Aarhus, but I still love living there. It is not too far away from the city centre and the University, and the apartment is really nice (especially because I share it with some wonderful people). Most of our neighbours are families with small children, so I cannot complain about anything at all.

I tried to capture the Bispehaven as a place with a lot of concrete and grey; but also the small details that remind me that this place is more than this. It is a home.

Kærlighed - the danish word for love.
There are a lot of these murals on the concrete walls in the Bispehaven. One of them in front of my door says "Elsk din næste" (eng. 'Love your neighbour'). It is a good reminder to start every day with love.