Review Saal-Digital [sponsored]

My parents had been talking about one of my pictures for a while now, and I knew that they would love to get a print of it. I am not a big fan of having my own pictures hanging on my wall, but when I saw that Saal-Digital was looking for photographers to test their prints, I did not hesitate for long. I tested their prints before, for some smaller pictures, but I really wanted to get a canvas print.

The order was very easily made. You have to download their software and once it is installed, you can choose which product you would like to have and which size. I chose a 40x60 cm canvas print. After that, you can fill the space on the canvas with your pictures. You can choose several pictures for one frame or just one picture to fill the entire canvas. You can also add text boxes and several backgrounds. I chose only one picture to fill the canvas. After that, I could either save the project and return later or continue to the checkout. The checkout is really simple, the only thing that bothered me, was that I could not see the expected delivery date or choose to get it send to a post office. In Denmark you can choose to pay with either PayPal or MasterCard/Visa (I do not know if this changes depending on which country you live in).

Once I completed the order, a new window opened in my browser and I could see how far my order had come. It took 2-3 days until the order should have arrived at my place. But, since I could not choose to get it delivered to a post office, I had some issues getting the picture. It was sent by DHL, and I could not really see a more specific delivery time. On the day of the delivery I was not at home the entire day (I kind of have to be at the University sometimes...) and the package was then stuck in a storehouse somewhere in Aarhus. I waited for some days, to see what would happen next, but nothing happened until I contacted DHL. But, when the package finally arrived, I was super happy! The next time I will just send it to my parents' place, where they can leave the package in front of the door without anyone stealing it.

The picture was packed very well, and the first impression was really good. The colours of the picture really blew my mind, even though they seem to be a bit more yellow/orange than the original. The contrast is just like the original picture, and the details are very well printed. I really like the three-dimensional effect of the canvas, where the edges of the picture are visible when viewed with an angle.

All in one, I am satisfied with the product I received, and I think I will definitely consider Saal Digital next time I need a print.

(I received a giftcard by Saal Digital Denmark to print this picture, and write a review about it) 
(also I am sorry that the pictures are a bit blurry, I used my father's old DSLR)