Glimpses of a different life

Life in the city is so different from life on the countryside. Everything is more flexible, you can do whatever you wish. You can take a bus at any time, anywhere. You can choose which supermarket you want to shop in, and not base your decision on distance, but on which one you like the most. You can buy groceries late in the evening because some supermarkets are almost always open. You can go in a bar, at any time you wish. You could be drunk right now, and no one would judge you. You can just leave the people you don't find interesting enough, and just find some new friends. Because there are so many possibilities and people in this city. You can be a new person every day.

But, what if we for once chose to be the person that cares? Be the person with values that never change. Be the person who decides every day to be a better person than yesterday. Still the same person, but working towards a progress, not a change. Somebody once told me that he had reached a point in his life, where he could not imagine to ever fundamentally change the way he was. I just wish he would remember this now. 

Don't let the city change you into a worse version of yourself. You cannot build a house, if you keep changing the groundwork. 


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