Unpublished Selfportraits

Sometimes I just venture out in the woods and take some pictures of the forest, the trees or sometimes myself. Some of these spontaneous pictures never get published, they just dissapear in some folder on my computer. I decided to take a look at some of these unpublished pictures, and publish some of them.

These pictures were taken at some point back in August 2016, when I decided to take a walk in our backyard take some pictures. I tried some funny things with different backgrounds and even did a behind the scenes video, but I never published these pictures for some reason. 

The following pictures are from a different shoot in August, where I was feeling extremely tired and stressed out. These are maybe the most 'honest' pictures I have ever published, because I think you can really see my exhaustion. The point of these pictures was actually to take a new profile picture for facebook, but I could not really make myself look happy enough. 

These pictures were taken in October in a nearby forest. It was actually a good day, because I finally took action to deal with some problems that have led to much of my previous exhaustion.

...and finally, ducks. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I would be super happy if you left a comment if you want more of these kind of posts. I really have a lot of pictures I could show you!


  1. Enten sind immer eine gute Idee! Ich liebe Enten. :)
    Ich finde es cool, dass du diese Selbstportraits von dir veröffentlicht hast, weil sie ehrlicher sind, als vielleicht konzeptuierte Bilder. Vor allem die zweite Bilderstrecke mag ich sehr.

    Viele Grüße, Sarah

  2. Anonymous17.4.17

    Definitv wünsche ich mir mehr solche Posts! Ich mag auch die im Wald entstandenen Bilder sehr.


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