Last week I came back from a trip to Bavaria where I visited my grandparents. I spent some days there, exploring the hills and mountains on my bicycle. I did not quite make it into the alps or on a rocky summit, but the area south of Munich is quite beautiful as well. 

One day me and my granddad went to a monastery close to the mountains where we enjoyed the best crispy roast pork one can find. The monastery is in Benediktbeuern, and if you ever get there you should eat roast pork (on German "Schweinekrustenbraten"). Everytime I visit my grandparents I have to get there. 

The other day we went for a hike. It was supposed to be a short hike, but we ended up walking more than 20 km and in the end I could not even walk anymore while my granddad was not even tired yet.

I hope that the next time I get there, I get some more time for hiking and climbing in the mountains and capturing some sunsets or sunrises, but this time I came to relax a bit.