Fragile View

I recently found an entire folder with photos that I never published. There was a time last year when I just took a lot of pictures without a real concept, only to express a feeling. It was a difficult time, because I graduated some months before that and decided to take a year off. But after 13 years of school I was used to studying and school life and I just felt that it was wrong that I would do nothing the next year. I was used to meeting my friends at school every day and talk with them about the major and minor events in my life, but now that I could not see them that often I somehow felt very lonely. Additionally, I had some personal problems and I felt as if I was stuck in something that I could not escape from. 


  1. Diese Fotos sind so perfekt - ich liebe ja deine Conceptuals, aber das hier besitzt noch einmal eine ganz andere Größe, finde ich. Hast du das Wort selbst gelettert? Es passt so gut zu den Fotos!

    Alles Liebe,


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