Evening Sun

Everything looks better on instagram. There are always some accounts with wonderful landscape pictures, with perfect light and perfect landscapes. People show off their adventurous lifestyle, and it seems as if they never stop travelling. I am guilty of this as well. The truth is that I have not been anywhere the last 4 months, but still I post pictures of mountains almost everyday. But what you do not know, is that these pictures sometimes are several years old. But I almost never publish any pictures from where I live. 

I live in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It is the region with the smallest total forest area compared to other regions in Germany. We have grassy landscapes, fields, and of course two seas. For some people this would be heaven. But I am somehow used to living close the sea, so I never take pictures of it. You might as well say that I do not see the beauty in my home region. But I know there is beauty. It is just a different kind of beauty. It is the kind of beauty that you have to look for. It is the beauty of endless grey days, with rain and storms.  It is weeks and weeks of the same weather. It is no snow in winter. But it is moments of sunshine as well. This beauty is hard to see if you compare it to mountains and sunshine. It is hidden in the sound of waves crashing against the coast. It is in the rolling hills at the East Coast. Sometimes it is hidden behind dikes, sometimes it is the untamed forces of nature. Sometimes it is the short moment in the evening, when the sun is about to set, and a little ray of sunlight shines through the clouds that have covered the sky for weeks. It is the soft light in the morning, shining through the fog. This beauty cannot be captured the same way as other landscapes. It takes a lot more patience and sensitiviness. This landscape is not made for epic landscape shots. And I often wish to take epic pictures, with dramatic mountains and light. I want pictures that scream "LOOK AT ME!", when this landscape whispers "calm down".
I have decided to take more pictures when I am at home. This  is the first set of pictures, that I took when the sunshine decided to stay with us for a day.

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  1. wunderschöne Bilder. Das mit dem Bach und die mit den Schafen mag ich besonders.

  2. Like the idea of posting pictures of your own area. The sheeps are adorable!


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