Book Session in December

Why waste a day with perfect weather in december on being inside all day? Why not enjoy the rare opportunity to enjoy the sunshine? Because indoors we had lots of books and the sunrays from outside created just the perfect light to take some pictures. And a lot of old books, some of them from the 19th century. In one of them I found a flower. In others we could find random notes and scribbles. Some books had beautiful covers, were bound in leather and the pages were covered in exquisite ornamentations. 

Two girls with cameras and about 5 boxes filled with books. What a wonderful combination! Most books were unsorted collections from various inheritances. Every box contained a new story about a new person. One person who collected books about travelling. One person who had a faible for historical novels. A person who had collected various doctoral dissertations about the flexibility and charateristics of plywood. 

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  1. Hat ein bisschen was von Harry Potter, die Szene.

  2. Anonymous16.2.17

    Die Fotos scheinen sehr träumerisch, fast unwirklich. Sehr schön eingefangen!

  3. Was für wunderschöne Bilder und Bücher! Ich bin ebenfalls ein großer Buchliebhaber und hätte den Nachmittag gern mit euch beiden verbracht. :)

  4. Wunderschön! Ich bin begeistert! Vor allem mein Bücherherz schlägt da ganz schön hoch :)


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