[Writing] New Year, Old Me

I wish I had words to write or that I could write down these words that haunt my mind. By the thoughts do not form into proper sentences that could be written down letter by letter. Pictures do not express what I think anymore, they are the result of spontaneous editing sessions. No concept, just actions without deeper thought. Hours later I look back at the results and wonder if there is a sense in this after all. Grey all over the picture, no contrast, just ashes falling from the sky and a weak sun behind the fog. I did not even care enough to add shadows to my silhouette. No shadow. As if I was floating above the ground, my actions leave no impact on my surroundings. Not a part of the world surrounding me. It becomes more and more clear to me that this picture shows something that I hide somewhere inside me. After the storm, after the wildfire and destruction I stand alone in the ash rain, surrounded by a wasteland without any life. Above me a light that is unclear to see, blurred by all the fog. Even though I know that I do not need to worry about all of these things that happened last year anymore, I can sometimes feel myself standing in that wasteland of hopelessness. But what I also know is that fog that hides the sun are my own doubts and worries, and in order to see the light I have to cast them off. I need to get rid of the old me who constantly questions my every action.

[24/52] After the fire (explored)


  1. Fantastic photo, I love the falling ashes ​🙏🔮


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