[Writing] Happiness

Happiness. What makes you truly happy? How would you describe happiness? 

There are moments in our life, where we are filled with this endless feeling of joy, a timeless feeling of satisfaction, as if we were floating in an endless sea without any worries about a possible past or future. Happiness comes in so many different forms. There is this happiness that makes you want to feel more of it. You enjoy the moment of happiness, but with the constant awareness of its transience. This moment will pass, but you will try to repeat it over and over again, to achieve this precious happiness that you felt. It is a happiness with craving for more. So, you hold on to it. You hold on to these precious moments, they become your light in the darker times. I have had many moments like these. There was the happiness of my journey to Iceland. It left me with an emptiness that only travelling and exploring new destinations can fill. I was filled with constant awareness of the beauty surrounding me, knowing that I had to leave again, and that these moments were unique. However, sometimes there is another kind of happiness. It is very rare to me, and that makes it even unique. It is a pure form of happiness and joy. I remember one time, shortly after some really bad things happened to me the week before, where I felt absolutely happy without the desire for more. It was a happiness that did not need anything else. I just enjoyed this blissful moment, where I did not have to worry about anything else and I knew that my burdens were swept away. I do not know if we can ever be truly happy in this life, but if I had to point out one moment where I was closest to being truly happy it was this moment. I spent a day together with my boyfriend, and I did not have any exams or work bothering me, it was just this moment of pure happiness, without a special reason. Happiness is finding hope in hard times. Happiness is waking up next to the person you love. It is the light that keeps you on going. And in the end it is something that varies from person to person. We have different reasons to be happy, and maybe we feel happiness in different ways, but in the end it is impossible to live without it.