[3-6/52] Review of the last weeks

[3/52] Free re-fill

[3/52] - Free re-fill

When I was in Iceland, we always bought coffee at every tankstation and bakery. It was not that expensive, and you could get a free refill. Therefore, I chose to combine a cup and some pictures from Iceland. 

[4/52] The passing

[4/52] The Passing 

I visited my grandparents in Bavaria, and I finally took some time of to take some new selfportraits. Even though the actual shoot had another concept than this picture, I chose only to publish this rather random picture.

[5/52] Trapped

[5/52] Trapped

Trapped in the negativity of my own mind I chose to remake a picture that I found on one of my favourite inspiration pages. 

[6/52] Fill out the hole in my soul

[6/52] Fill out the Hole in my Soul 

I found some positivity and hope, after some really stressing weeks/months. I found a light in the dark. 


  1. Das Foto mit der Tasse ist fantastisch!

  2. Das Foto mit der Tasse ist der Hammer! Musste es mir ein paar Minuten lang ansehen. Tolle Arbeit. :-)

    Liebe Grüße

  3. Das erste Foto ist super genial! Einfach nur fantastisch! :)

    Liebe Grüße
    Helena, Life is a Storybook

  4. Die Bilder sind großartig, ganz vor allem das erste!


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