[Writing] Heroes

This week I will publish another part of my writing challenge, even though I did not get that much response on my last article, but I guess that my followers are just as lazy as I am, and skip the long text and go for the pictures. However, this text is a bit shorter, and maybe the topic is a bit easier than the last one.

Heroes. Who is your hero? why? How does he/she affect your life? 
Most people have a childhood hero, or somebody they look up to. I often heard the sentence "I want to be like you when I grow up," and it always made me wonder who I look up to. I do not have very complicated values, and I never really had an idol or childhood hero that I looked up to. I looked up to my parents, the way that most children do, but not in a way that I would call them heroes. I am not a big fan of superhero movies, and I am actually quite happy with the path that I am on right now. I remember a teacher in primary school mentioning that I have quite a problem with authorities, and maybe that is why I never really had any heroes. But if I had to mention one person that I would call my hero, or my idol, I would say Emma Watson and the character Hermione Granger. They have many similarities, they are both modest, smart and ready to take responsibility. They are strong characters, who are ready to sacrifice a lot for their cause. And most of all they stick to their cause and their values. Not because it would be bad to change your values sometimes, but I often meet people who totally lack continuity when they have to sort out what is wrong and right. If I look at Emma Watson, I am amazed by the fact that she was able to study and make movies at the same time, and she is an excellent example of a childhood star who grew up to be a "normal" modest person. She has found her purpose in fighting for feminism, and that is something that I look up to, regardless of the bad reputation some women have given the word feminism. I look up to her engagement, and I hope that I will find a cause that is worth fighting for, and a direction in my life (right now I do not even know what I want to study). She gives me motivation to keep on fighting and to take my education as serious as possible. And maybe that is why we need heroes in our lives. We need them to remind ourselves that there is something out there worth fighting for that there is good in this world and that there is hope. Even if we are surrounded by war, stress and problems, heroes remind of us that there is always a chance for improvement. I hope to be a hero, or maybe a role model for someone else in this life. I hope that my actions will inspire someone else. I do not know how I want to achieve it, but time will show. . 


  1. DAS BILD!! Da bekomm ich direkt super Sehnsucht nach Irland!!!

  2. Liebe Lilian, das ist ein unheimlich schöner Text. Ich hatte noch nie eine Antwort darauf, wer mein Held sei, aber deine Worte haben mir Denkanstöße gegeben und eigentlich hast du einfach nur Recht!

    Alles Liebe ♥ (und es lesen Menschen deine Texte - nur vielleicht wissen sie oft nicht, was sie dazu schreiben sollen. Zumindest geht es mir so.)


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