[1/52] Mess

[1/52] Mess  

Trying to make sense of this mess, that I did not create, but now I am stuck in it anyways. Sometimes I feel numb, other times I feel happy and grateful, and then again a simple frase or the silence will drag me back into this terrible chaos. And I try to hold on to hope, but I feel as if I am stuck in reverse. I just hope that I will never cause as much pain to somebody else, as my parents do right now. 

You might wonder, why I am writing that much depressing stuff lately, but it feels good to write it down. I kind of feel as if it makes me more aware of what my problem is and how I can resolve it. It is not as if I am depressed all the time, because I have so many reasons to be happy and grateful, but sometimes the negative emotions just take over. I did not feel able to create new work for a while now, but I will try to start a new 52 weeks project. 


  1. Liebe das Foto! Mehr kann ich wirklich dazu nicht sagen...!


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