[Shoot] Blurred Mind

Sometimes I loose myself in negative thoughts and I feel like i slowly spiral into insanity. But negative thoughts cause negative actions, and it can be hard to escape this endless spiral of negativity. But this spiral is not endless. There is hope. And once you have found your hope, you can see yourself more clearly.

I always try my best to see the best in every day, but sometimes that is really hard. But hold on to the little, precious moments of joy in your in life, and the sum of positive experiences will outnumber the negative.
Sometimes I see the beauty around me, in a beautiful sunset, the light in the trees or in other persons, and I know that I should feel joy, that I should be happy right now, but I have become numb. It is as if all of these things cannot affect me in any way, as I have become isolated from the world around me. That is one of the worst things to me. You can compare it to being drunk and doing stupid stuff, and saying stupid things, but you are not drunk enough to use it as an excuse, and you will remember all of it later. You know that it is wrong, but you feel that you do not have lost control over yourself.

Find your hope, hold on to it, desperately, and never give up.


  1. Ich liebe liebe liebe deine Bilder :) So schön, was du immer zauberst :)

    & dein Text, der hat so viel Wahrheit in sich <3

  2. Anonymous16.6.16

    >> sprachlos <<

  3. Du siehst so viel erwachsener aus, irgendwie...

    Das sind meine allerliebsten Photos von dir überhaupt. So so wunderschön.

  4. Ein wunderwunderwundervoller Text und wunderschöne Fotos! Du hast einfach Recht mit allem.

    Liebst, Nele


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