[Shoot] Fragile

Fragilefragile II

We may be fragile as individuals, but together we can be strong. It takes some time to realize that you cannot deal with all of your problems alone, because at one point the burden will be to heavy. Let go of that burden. I can give you one advice:
If you always try to be the 'strong' person, and deal with things your way, you will never let go. Once you realize that you are fragile, and things can destroy you, you can let go. It sounds weird, but that is my experience.
 And one last advice:  do not always listen to people on the internet. 


  1. Wunderschön! Ich liebe das vorletzte Bild!

  2. So, so schön! Mehr kann ich gar nicht sagen, das erste & das letzte mag ich besonders gern!

  3. Anonymous27.5.16

    sehr schön. der text ist so wahr.

  4. Die Bilder sind so schön, wirklich. Und der Text auch.

    Liebe Grüße


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