[How To] get inspired

In April 2015 I decided to start writing in English. Therefore, I want to translate some of the older posts, and continue some writing projects that I started before then.
If you want to read the original post on German, follow this link.

Most creative people know the struggle: The problem with "inspiration". Sometimes you feel overwhelmed by the amount of awesome pictures on the internet, and you start wondering where these people get their inspiration from. And, you wonder, why it wasn't you who had this idea. It can be hard to see the difference between inspiration and theft. I try to avoid being influenced by other photographers to avoid stealing their ideas. Therefore, I want to help you finding inspiration.

The internet is undoubtedly the most popular media amongst young people. It is full of pictures, people and ideas. Some even write tutorials on how to achieve a certain effect, others just publish their own work on social media. The possibilities on the internet are infinite. Pages like Pinterest and Stampsy are an extremely good source for inspiration. But I have the experience that I feel very demotivated by the amount of good pictures and ideas. Flickr is a very good source of inspiration as well, especially the explore is a good place to look for inspiration. I love looking at the pictures in the various groups on Flickr. But it is very important to remember: Do not copy the ideas. Create something new. I always try to take ideas as an inspiration.
 For example if my favourite photographer takes an amazing picture that involves a mirror, I try to think about other things that one could do with a mirror.

There is nothing better than a cozy evening with your favourite books, good music or maybe your favourite movie (in your bed with a hot chocolate). Books can be very inspiring, and especially music is one of my main sources of inspiration. Right now I listen to my "Epic Music" Playlist on Spotify, that I use for editing all of my pictures.
Even in movies you can get a lot of inspiration. The older Disney movies (Bambi from 1942 is my favourite) show some fantastic image composition and scenes. 

Inspiration in your surroundings 
The easiest way of inspiration. I often take my bicycle and explore the nearby forests and meadows to find new locations. Soon you will notice some details that you've never seen before. Just stop, take a look and try to examine your surroundings thoroughly. I often find interesting things like an interesting reflection in a puddle of water, a striking tree or an interesting building. Even though I often complain that I live in a very boring area, I always find something beautiful.

The brainwave
A combination of all sources of inspiration. All of a sudden you have a brainwave and if you don't write it down you will forget it.

There is this page where you can generate ideas. Just press the 'generate' button and the page will recommend a topic, a lens and the light that you could use for a picture. http://viljo.marrandi.ee/inspiration.html

 I hope that this article has been helpful to you. Do you have any other suggestions on how to get inspired?

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  1. Wirklich hilfreich dein Post. Ich bin doch eher der Fan von Weheartit, wenn es ums Thema Inspiration geht. Ich hab das Problem, wenn mir eine Foto Idee einfällt diese zu verwirklichen, da es nie so wird wie ich es will oder vorgestellt habe.


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