44/52 Surreal[45/52]

Two places that could not be more different. The first picture was captured in the Icelandic highlands, at a still frozen lake, at about 3°C, and the other in a geothermal area at the south coast, close to the Ring Road. The first picture was taken after two days of hiking through a surreal landscape, the other at a 3km long hiking trail to a hot river.  

This year has so far been amazing. In February I went to the beautiful Harz in Germany, in April I went to Corsica, France and had one of the best weeks of my life, and surely one of the most adventurous and challenging. And, then I took the chance to visit Iceland, which has been my #1 dream for a long time. And, in October I'll visit Italy and climb some mountains in the Alps. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to travel and visit these places, and I cannot imagine a life without travelling. I know that not everybody has the chance to travel, and I know some people here in my area who have never left this place. Everyone should have the chance to travel, discover new places and explore the unknown. Could you imagine a life without travelling?


  1. Diese Landschaften, einfach unglaublich schön. Ich hatte bisher noch nie die Möglichkeit so etwas zu sehen da wir sehr wenig gereist sind und ich schon mehrere Jahre nicht mehr im Urlaub war. Aber ich gebe dir recht, reisen ist wirklich etwas total tolles. Ab September bin ich für ein Jahr im Ausland und dann werde ich auch endlich was von der Welt sehen. Reisen ist doch so was wichtiges, man sollte so viel wie möglich von der Welt sehen. <3

  2. if you don't travel you only read one page.
    Dieses Zitat beschreibt deinen Text gut.
    Ich habe schon wieder Fernweh, obwohl ich gerade weg war! :)


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