[39/52] What is broken and can't be fixed

[39/52] What is broken and can't be fixed.

Even if you wan't to keep something that you love, and that you are used to. Once a relationship has been broken it will never be fixed completely. You can not ignore the scars that such an event leaves. You can not ignore the fact that these scars will always hurt. You can try to make the best out of it. But sometimes, what is worst to others, is the best to you. Be brave. Be patient. Be yourself. 


  1. Ich steh einfach so auf deine Art von Fotos. Genial. Du hast einfach immer richtig gute Ideen! Wirklich, wirklich gut!

  2. Immer spannend, was du zauberst. Weiter so ;)

  3. Absolutely amazing!



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