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I don't easily fall in love. Actually I've never fallen in love with a person, but mostly I fall in love with places and adventures. My trip to Corsica with my school class made me value my classmates much more than I did before, and made me feel much more comfortable at school at all.
Okay, I may sound like a creepy introvert, and that is actually NOT what I wanted to talk about. I want to tell you something about Corsica. Corsica is a French Island in the Mediterranean Sea. Actually it is not as French as one could think because most people speak Corsican, and some people do not feel as a part of France (this is just my impression and it may not be correct).
Two thirds of the Island are mountains, and the highest mountain is 2706 metres high, which is actually really impressive because it is after all an Island that is only 83 km wide at its widest and 183 km long. The mountains where one of the reasons that I fell in love with Corsica. How awesome is it to climb the mountains in the morning and go to the turquoise beaches in the afternoon? How awesome is it to see the snowy peaks of the mountains while you are enjoying the warmth of a spring evening?

We went to Corsica by Bus -> Ferry -> Bus. We started from Denmark at 10 am with the Bus, drove through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy and finally arrived in Nice at 10 am (next day). Nice is a beautiful city and we spent some hours there before heading to the ferry. After six hours of sailing we arrived in Bastia. Some good advice: Don't ever arrive in Bastia, when a match between Paris St. Germain and SC Bastia is about to take place. And, it is even worse when it is the final match in the French League Cup. When we had escaped the crowded streets of Bastia we headed towards Solenzara by bus (again). We arrived at 10pm after 36 hours.

The next days we had several activities like climbing, Adventure Race, Mountainbike and Canyoning. In our spare time we were supposed to do a Math-Biology project (we decided to examine hermit crabs and investigate if their size is normally distributed. Wow) and relax at the pool (which I did not do because I mostly spend my time at the rocky beach).

It is hard to describe how I feel about that week. I miss it. I miss Corsica, I miss the adventures, I miss the relaxing evenings with both our teachers and some boys in class playing guitar, and everybody singing along. I miss the feeling that time does not matter. And, I do really miss the mountains. These memories will always be special to me. If I could turn back time I'd return to that week. I can't write any more about it, but maybe the pictures will help you understand what I mean.

Some of these pictures are recorded with my digital Canon, and others with my analog Pentax Me super and a Kodak Gold 200 film.


  1. Super schöne Eindrücke! Verstehe dein Vermissen total.


  2. Die Landscape Bilder sind wunderschön, da bekomme ich auch wieder Fernweh! (naja eigentlich hab ich das immer) :D
    Das vorletzte Bild finde ich besonders schön, da das Licht so durch die Wolken bricht ♥

    LG Steffi

  3. Beautiful photos from Corsica. It's definitely on my checklist to visit.

    Luis Pina



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