[31/52] I know that I messed up #Laterpost

[31/52] The other me

Okay, some people might think, that I am not able to count properly, because week 32 came before week 31. Actually I posted this picture before my trip to Corsica on Flickr, and simply forgot to post it on the blog, before I published week 32 (Actually I posted the picture for week 32 in week 33, which is this week). Confusing? Yes.
(Actually I really messed up a mathematics exam some weeks ago, and I received the grades today, and I even got an acceptable grade)

When I actually published this photography some weeks ago, I wrote a little text. So here it is: 

"People often tend to forget, that one does not only have one personality. I tend to show photography as my only love, but actually there a lot of different things that I do in my sparetime. I started playing guitar when I was about 10 or 9 years old, and I still love music very much. I started playing keyboard 4 months ago and I have also tried playing drums and many other different instruments. When I was about 3-4 years old I participated in my first running event, but I stopped when I was about 14 years old to participate in those events. I also tried sailing, badminton and athletics.

I stopped doing all of this about 2 years ago when I changed to a danish senior high school, because I always come home late in the afternoon and don't have time to do any of it.

But I still love reading very much, and travelling has become one of  my passions. In June I am going to Iceland (omg) and this friday (April 10th) I am going to Corsica, France.

What hidden talents and passions do you have? "


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