[30/52] In a World full of locked Doors the Man with the Key is King

[30/52] In a World Full of Locked Doors the Man with the Key is King

At my family's house we have a stable, which's top floor does not really have a special purpose. Every time we have something that we don't really need, we put it up there. As a child I always liked playing up there because there are so many interesting things to find. But now I think that it is a scary place. It has a dark atmosphere, and all the things up there do not just become dusty, but somehow dirty and full of spider webs.

That is why I chose this place for this shot. I wanted to do a key-related shot, and it should be something mysterious and dark.

I wanted to keep some of the old things up there the way they are. For example, the "horse"-whatever thing. I don't really know why it ended up there, but I have some theories. But I'll never know what the stories behind the things up there are. The secrets of the lost things are like locked doors.

And the one who has the key, the one who knows the secret, he is metaphorically the king.

And last, but not least; There are many people who are lost, and who don't know what to do and where to go. And I wanted to show this feeling of being lost.


  1. Ich finde das Bild so schön ♥ So umwerfend wahnsinnig schön ☺

  2. wow, ich hab bei dem text natürlich erstmal gänsehaut bekommen.. kombiniert mit dem bild ergibt das alles eine wunderbar schaurige atmosphäre.

  3. Toller Text! Das Bild gibt die Atmosphäre echt gut wieder :)
    Ich würde auch gerne mal so einen staubigen, gruseligen Ort besuchen. Wir haben leider im neuen Haus keinen Dachboden mehr..
    Alles Liebe,

  4. Toller Text und ein richtig tolles Bild! Das ist mega aussagekräftig.. :)

  5. Das Bild ist der Hammer. Du bist wahnsinnig gut. Und vor allem extrem kreativ und bedächtig (gibt es das wort?), in dem, was du tust. mit deiner analyse bzw Erklärung ist das Bild noch besser! Echt Wahnsinn



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