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New Design, New Concept!

Welcome back! I had to shut down the blog, in order to make some changes. You may have noticed three mayor changes: First of all I gave the entire blog a face-lift. Ever since I started blogging I created my own templates, not entirely from scratch, but I pretty much made it all myself. The problem is that I do not really know anything about web design, and everything I knew, I got from tutorials. So, I just put together a design with all the things I liked, and I always managed to get rid of problems in a way. But, now that most people visit my blog from mobile devices and the coding has become more complex, the problems just became to much to handle. The Blogger-navbar did not disappear, no matter what I tried, the blog had a long loading-time, because of all the useless code I copy-pasted at some point and forgot to remove for some reason. When Blogger released a new set of templates, I did not think about the change for a long time. This template has a lot more functions and I do…

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