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I was born in the wrong century. I am a romantic. Not a romantic like someone who truly believes in love and the one and only. I am the 18th century kind of romantic. I love being in the nature, I love looking at trees, breathing in the forest air. I enjoy standing on elevated rocks and staring and epic landscapes. My favorite painter is Caspar David Friedrich. I enjoy being alone. I think that there is a purpose with the beauty surrounding us in the nature, and that there is an explanation to the ugliness we see in the human world. I believe that there is a God, who has created this world, and has given us the ability to see beauty in it.

There may not be a lot of people who share my beliefs, but as far as I can see, I am not the only romantic. Instagram is filled with millions of pictures of lonely places, and we all strive to explore a new unknown place. We want more originality, we want new places and new perspectives. We want to portray the beauty of the world and we want to shar…

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